Our Journey Forward

I Was Born To Build.

Over ten years ago, I started Mindbox Studios because I was curious, hungry, and desperately wanted to make a living doing something I genuinely enjoyed. Along the way, I learned a lot about leadership and entrepreneurship through the natural highs and lows of running a business. The best part was that I got to work closely with my friends and partner with extremely talented and trustworthy professionals—people that I love building things with. I wouldn’t trade any of this experience, nor the wisdom I can now apply to almost every area of my life. However, it’s time for a change in day-to-day leadership at Mindbox Studios, Inc. so the company can grow into a stronger, healthier technology provider in the future.

Many of you know I moved my family from Cincinnati to Redding, California, where I am involved in a very exciting, yet time-intensive real estate project called Shiloh Park. As we begin to raise this new neighborhood out of the ground, I need to shift my focus from directing Mindbox every day to developing land and building homes.

Always Build with People You Trust.

The good news is Mindbox is growing, and that is exactly why now is the best time for this transition. Thankfully, we didn’t have to look very far for our next CEO to carry the baton. Josh Miller started out leading products for our clients about a year and a half ago, then coaching founders through Story Plans, and additionally helping solve technical, financial, and production challenges along the way. On October 1st, Josh took the reigns as the new chief at Mindbox, giving his full attention to our client’s success and our goals at the studio. Meanwhile, I am transitioning to serving as president of the board of directors and will remain an advisor to some of our client projects.

We see this change as a major milestone and a testament to the hard work our employees and partners have given to the Mindbox dream. Many businesses struggle to survive beyond the founding team, but I believe Mindbox is different. I am confident we will experience a thriving future where Mindbox creates even better, more successful technology products for customers all over the world.

None of this would have been possible without my wife. I am grateful to her for growing with me as an entrepreneur and supporting this dream. I am thankful to my partners Lauren Jerome, Chris Costanza, former partners Lucas Cole and Chris Kuehl, and all of our past and present colleagues for jumping in the trenches with me to build this business and serve our clients well. I’m especially thankful for our clients. Without them, I wouldn’t have worked on game-changing ideas over the last decade. So, here’s to all of you. Let’s lift the proverbial glass to everyone who played a part in Mindbox, past and present—and here’s to all our of futures. Thank you.

Joshua Johnson

02 October 2017

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